Sarria to Santiago

 Stages 29-33, 115km

Walkers on the road to Santiago

Walkers on the road to Santiago




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Tomb of the Knights templar,Vilar de Donas


Forest walking  between Melide & OPedrouzo

Santiago de Compostela 

Walking from Sarria to Santiago is enough to earn your Compostela when you reach Santiago Cathedral. As such it is a popular option for those wanting a short taster of the Camino and you will often find a lot more Pilgrims on the trail from Sarria onwards due to this reason. The fresh energy that these Pilgrims bring to the walk can help re-invigorate those who’ve walked the longer distances and add some fresh faces and conversations for company along the last sections.
The terrain in this part of the Camino is  a nice landscape of rolling hills and verdant countryside, with a lot of the route passing through shaded woodland paths and fields. It is pleasant walking but there are no great historical sights to see in the villages and towns along the way – until you reach Santiago of course!  If you want an enjoyable walk through rural Spain then this is a good section to choose, the walking  is not neccesarily easy as there are plenty of small hills but not as arduous as the big climbs further back in the Montes de Leon sections (Astorga – Triacastela) But if you want to see more history along the route then you’d be better starting your walk back in Leon and Astorga.
The villages and towns have a limited number of accommodation options and the better places with private rooms get booked out  in advance, so don’t count on getting a bed easily in the busier months as there is also more pressure on the Albergues.


The guidebook stages

Please note that the breaking of the Camino into these stages this is purely arbitrary and there is no compulsion to follow these stages. It can be useful to follow the guidebook stages but also good to deviate and spend the night in other places than those specified. (Distances given below have been rounded up to nearest Km.)
29. Sarria to Portomarin 22km
30. Portomarin to Palas de Rei 25km
31. Palas de Rei to Ribadiso da Baixo 26km
32. Ribadiso da Baixo to Pedrouzo/Arzua 22km
33. Pedrouzo/Arca to Santiago de Compostela 20km


Altitude profiles

To see all the different altitude profiles of each stage of the Camino please click on the link below which you can view over two pages as a PDF:

Altitude Profiles of 33 stages of Camino

This was produced by the French friends of the Way of St. Jacques