Camino Resources

Looking for Camino resources to help plan your holiday? See an extensive list below.

Camino reading

There are nearly as many books about the Camino as there are kilometres of it! Here- is a list and brief description of some of the more popular and useful ones.

Camino de Santiago Websites and Organisations

The Australian Friends of the Camino
This is a great informative website with lots of good articles written by members on various aspects of the Camino experience.

The Confraternity of St. James
Based in the UK and has an excellent forum that covers many aspects of the Camino experience.

Pilgrims in Sydney
A support group for the Camino de Santiago.

Camino Forum
A comprehensive and broad forum about the Camino, covering many topics with many thousands of posts from members who have walked it and ‘newbies’.

Camino Community in Melbourne

Run by Jo Ashman, a Camino tragic, this group is dedicated to preparing those wanting to walk the Camino as well as keeping the Camino spirit alive for those returned pilgrims. Offering monthly walks and special occasion gatherings, this is a great community for prospective or returned pilgrims alike.

Brisbane Camino Pilgrims

This is a meet-up group dedicated to keeping the Camino spirit alive for returned pilgrims as well as providing a forum for prospective walkers to gather information from those who have experienced this life changing walk.

Australian Pilgrims on the Camino

A great source of inspiration as you follow posts of past and present pilgrims as well as getting up to date information on the Camino.

Gear outfitters for the Camino

Two recommended outfitters in Sydney and Melbourne who can help advise you on suitable lightweight gear for your Camino Walk.

Trek and Travel, Sydney
The staff at Trek and Travel are walking focused experts who have walked and lead treks themselves.
447 Kent St. Sydney
(02) 9261 3435

Backpacking light, Melbourne
the staff at backpacking light are ardent outdoor enthusiasts who carry a great range of lightweight gear and can help you get ready for your Camino adventure.
Look for the Camino Scallop shell outside their shop off Little Bourke St.
29 Somerset Place, Melbourne
(03) 9670 5144