Burgos Cathedral

The magnificent roof and tower of Burgos Cathedral, a masterpiece of medieval architecture.

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Alto Del Perdon

The Iconic metal Pilgrim sculpltures which appear on the summit of Alto Del Perdon, near Puente La Reina Camino Stage 4

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You will find people of all ages and nationalities walking the Camino, for many different purposes and each doing it in their own way

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Camino De Santiago

Europe's most famous pilgrimage and cultural walk, an exploration of both historical and modern day Spain and a journey into self

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A travel guide for Australians & Kiwis on the Camino de Santiago

The Camino offers many things to many people, each comes on the journey with their own motivations – but all are united by the common goal of reaching Santiago.
For centuries the Camino de Santiago has been a great teacher and leveller, all those who travel it’s path connect with simplicity and are changed in some way, great or small

  • Preparation
                    Preparing properly...
  • Highlights
    The Camino de Santiago has many varied highlights; both scenic,...
  • Walking the Camino
    People have walked the Camino de Santiago for over 1000...
  • Cycling the Camino
    Although cycling is a relatively new way to undertake the Camino...

 Information for travel on the Camino De Santiago

This is a unique information site for Australians and Kiwi’s planning to travel on the Camino De Santiago or The Way of St. James (‘French Way’ or simply ‘The Way’) as it’s also known. We hope you’ll find this a useful resource when making your Camino plans and get a sense of what to expect from this extraordinary journey.

We aim to be different from other Camino De Santiago websites by showing many images as well as practical information (eg. maps, routes, stages, trails, books, accommodation, news, history and more). So you can more easily envisage what the ‘The Way’ is like and choose what you’d like to experience on this ancient road. It is not intended to be a guidebook but more a useful starting point for planning your Camino.

We also feature recommended Camino trips organized directly from Australia by RAW Travel, who are the established local Camino Experts if you are looking for someone to help arrange your Camino, whether self-guided or guided.

We welcome up to date information which can be passed onto other prospective ‘Peregrino’s’. We hope you will find inspiration in these pages to have your own extraordinary Camino journey and you’ll be left richer by the experience.
Buen Camino!