Travel to and from the Camino de Santiago

Travel to and from the Camino de Santiago: TGV

Travel to and from the Camino: TGV



Where you fly into depends on where you will start your Camino. For flight paths and to co-ordinate the best routes to compliment your travel destinations we recommend you visit the following:

If St. Jean de Pied Port is your starting point then a flight into Paris is a good option and a train from there.

From Paris

You can take the TVG high-speed train from the station at Charles De Gaulle terminal 2 to St Jean Pied de  Port. The train goes to Bordeaux where you have to change trains for Bayonne and then change again at Bayonne for the short journey to St Jean Pied de Port.

From central Paris The train to St Jean Pied de Port leaves from Montparnasse station, trains from here go directly
to Bayonne.

You may also fly into Biarritz from other points in Europe including Paris: From Charles de Gaulle Airport you can fly directly to Biarritz with easyjet France. The journey takes approximately 1.5 hours. Flights are fairly busy and book up quickly so you need to book well in advance.

Ryanair operates direct flights from the UK to Biarritz from Stansted airport. Easyjet fly from London  Gatwick.

From Madrid

The most direct way to St Jean Pied de Port from Madrid is to travel to Pamplona and then follow the directions from there to St Jean. (See  travel from Pamplona below).

By Train
Take the train from Madrid Atocha station. You can reach the station on the local cercenais railway line  (from terminal 4 at the airport) and the nearest metro stop is a 10 min walk away. Journey time to Pamplona is 3 hours
15 mins and costs around 30e. or

Flights Iberia flies directly to Pamplona from Madrid; the journey takes 55 mins and prices start around 125e.

From Pamplona

From Pamplona airport, take a taxi to the ALSA Bus station in central Pamplona a journey of about 11km. From here you have 2 options; you can either take the bus to Roncesvalles and then a taxi from there to St Jean Pied de Port. In the summer months starting in June until September, there is a bus directly to St Jean, buses only operate once a day at 1400hrs. The bus journey takes an hour, costs 20e.

From Barcelona

By train
Take the train to Pamplona and then follow the directions from there to St Jean Pied de Port (See under travel from Pamplona). Trains leave from the main station in Barcelona, Sants Station and the journey takes around 4  hours and costs about 30e. There are usually 3 trains a day. or

Travel to Burgos

From Madrid

By Train
The train to Burgos leaves from Madrid Chamartin station. You can take to local cercenais train from terminal 4 at Barajas Airport to Chamartin station. The journey to Burgos Rosa de Lima station takes 2 hours 45 mins and costs around 40e.

By Bus
Buses to Burgos leave from Avenida de Americas bus station in the north-east of the city. It has its own metro station and there is a bus from the airport directly to there. The journey to Burgos takes 2 hours 30 mins and costs around 25e.

To/ From Barcelona

By train
The train from Barcelona leaves from Sants station and the journey takes 6 hours 20 mins. The train leaves every 4 hours.

By Bus
The bus leaves from Sants station to Vitoria -Gastiez (7 hours 15 mins twice daily). From there the bus to Burgos takes 1 hour 50 mins – every 3 hours.

Flights to/from Burgos
Santander is the closest airport; buses operate from here with the ALSA bus company and the take 2.45 hours to Burgos
Ryanair, Vueling and Iberia operate internal flights to Burgos from Madrid and Barcelona
From the UK Ryanair fly to/from Santander from Stansted Airport

Travel to Leon

From Madrid: By train
The train to Leon leaves from Madrid Chamartin station. You can take to local cercenais train from terminal 4 at Barajas Airport to Chamartin station. The journey to Leon takes 2 hours 43 mins and costs around 40e. There is a train every 4 hours.

By Bus From Madrid
Barajas Airport terminal 4 take the bus to Astorga. The journey takes 4 hours 15 mins and there are 5 buses a day. From Astorga take the train to Leon, the journey takes 33 mins and the train leaves every 2 hours.

From Barcelona: By Train
The train leaves from Sants station; the journey takes 8 hours 22 mins and the trains leave every 4 hours. or

Flights Iberia operate direct flights from Barcelona to Leon and the flight takes 1 hour 25mins. The closest airport is Santander and the bus from there to Leon takes approximately 4 hours 30 mins.
From the UK Ryanair fly to/ from Santander from Stansted Airport.

Travel to Sarria

From Santiago de Compostela
The easiest way to reach Sarria is to fly into Santiago. Ryanair, Iberia and Vueling operate internal flights into Santiago from Madrid (1 hour 10 mins) and Barcelona (1 hour 40 mins). Ryanair also fly from the UK, Stansted airport, to Santiago de Compostela.

By Bus
There is a bus from Santiago airport to Lugo and the journey takes around 2 hours. The buses depart  approximately every 2 hours

From Lugo the bus to Sarria leaves every 1.5 – 2 hours. or
There is also a train from Lugo to Sarria with a journey time of 30 mins.

From Madrid: By Train
The train to Sarria leaves from Madrid Chamartin station. You can take to local cercenais train from terminal  4 at Barajas Airport to Chamartin station. The journey to Sarria takes just under 8 hours and costs around 75e. From  Madrid travel to Palencia (1 hour 38 mins train every 3 hours) From Palencia, the train to Sarria takes 4 hours 58 mins  (train every 3 hours) with a change at Montefiore L. There is usually a transit time of 90 minutes at Palencia. There is also an option to take the overnight sleeper train to Sarria from Madrid. or

By Bus from Barajas Airport Terminal 4 to Lugo, journey time 7 hours, 5 buses a day. From Lugo: see above for bus and train information.


Travel from Santiago de Compostela

Ryan Air flies direct from Santiago to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. They also have flights to London Stansted,  Liverpool, Frankfurt and Rome.
Click Air flies Santiago to Barcelona.
Vueling fly direct to Paris
Aer Lingus fly directly to Dublin

The trains go from Santiago to Madrid twice a day; at 0900 and take around 5 and a half hours or there is an overnight sleeper departing at 22.30 that takes around 9 hours. The fare is around 80e.

For travel to Barcelona, take the train to Madrid and then the train to Barcelona Sants Station (2 hours 47 mins, hourly

For Travel to Pamplona take the train from Santiago to Ourense Emplane (1 hour 37, train every 4 hours), From  Ourense Empalme the train to Pamplona takes 7 hours 45 mins and there is only one train a day.

The bus goes from Santiago to Santander and takes 7 hours 45 mins. There are 2 buses a day.
The bus to Madrid goes from Santiago to Mendez Alvaro and takes 8 hours and 45 mins; there are 4 buses a day.
From Mendez Alvaro, the train goes directly to terminal 4 at Madrid Barajas airport and takes 28 mins.
For all bus and train websites see under travel from Santiago Compostela to Sarria.
The information in this document regarding times, frequency and approximate costs was correct at the time of printing.
Be aware that this may vary according to season. For accurate information at the time of travel check the websites given for the appropriate journey.  Trains on Renfe can only be booked six weeks in advance and 90 days in advance.

Enjoy planning your journey and wish you BUEN CAMINO!