Camino self-guided walks

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If you are leaving from Australia or NZ it makes sense to travel with a local operator, who has unrivalled experience and support for Camino walkers. Since 2013 RAW Travel has sent more people to walk the Camino than anyone in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why? RAW Travel offers the widest range of Camino de Santiago travel information, we book all arrangements directly with our own dedicated Camino team. We have our own ground managers in St. Jean de Pied Port, Santiago and Porto to greet and assist our walkers. No other company offering the Camino here has the experience, support and resources to match what is offered by RAW Travel.

RAW Travel has specialised in walking and cycling tours since 2002 and we have become the leading company for the Camino down under, sending thousands of Australians and New Zealanders each year on self-guided journeys of the Way of St. James in Spain, Portugal and France.

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Each Year we send our staff out to walk the Camino routes so they have firsthand knowledge of the Camino. Our Camino Staff specialise in these routes and nothing else, meaning they can offer a depth of expertise unmatched by other holiday companies who sell you a Camino as just one trip amongst many.

With a dedicated Camino team who have experienced the Camino, we are able to advise on what areas will suit you best and offer suggestions for how to maximise your time on the Camino and properly plan and prepare for your journey.


There are a number of ways to experience the Camino with the most popular being the self-guided trip.

On the self-guided trip you can:

  • choose your own start dates & distances
  • booked into the best available accommodation
  • pre-arrange your luggage transfers
  • order your breakfast daily

RAW Travel has its own  navigation App unmatched by any other company, as well as our own guidebook for the Portuguese Coastal Camino.

We choose high standard accommodation with heritage and historic hotels booked where possible. In the smaller villages only carefully chosen case rurales (country houses, B&B) are chosen along the route. Most importantly we have built up close relationships with the guesthouse owners through many years of working together.

RAW Travel has a unique and important point of difference as our trips are flexible and adaptable to suit your requirements so that you can choose to add rest days wherever you prefer and change daily distances should you prefer shorter distances.

With pre-booked accommodation, you don’t need to rush to get to your next hotel. You can relax, enjoy every step and let the Camino experience take over.



RAW Travel is an Australian-based company so your enquiries are handled in local business hours.

RAW Travel’s trips are costed in Australian dollars and no hassle with international money transfers. Plus you get to support local, regional jobs here in Australia where it counts!


RAW Travel book all the arrangements in Spain directly so there are no middlemen.

Given the high standard of accommodation, the trips are very good value and there are also options for those on a smaller budget.

RAW Travel offers both walking and cycling itineraries, and it’s also possible to do a combination of both. For example; walking the hill sections and cycling along the flatter plateaus of Castile on the Meseta is an alternative option that is becoming popular.

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At RAW Travel we don’t just plan your travel, we take our clients on a journey.

From your research and ideas, we work with you to plan and outline your ideal Camino experience.

We take into consideration your fitness levels, your achievements and motivations, and then together we map out each step of the journey. That way you end up with a trip that fits your needs rather than a pre-set itinerary – meaning you are less likely to have injuries or regrets about not enough time spent where you are most interested.