Pilgrim numbers

In 2012 there were 192,488 pilgrims who walked the various Camino’s through France, Spain and Portugal and collected a Compostela for completion in Santiago. But the percentage walking the Camino Francés actually fell (for the 5th consecutive year) to 70% (134,979 pilgrims) with the Camino Portuguése rising to 13% (25,628) becoming the second most popular route. Spaniards made up half of all pilgrims at 49.5% followed by Germans , Italians  and Portuguese. Australians were in 15th place with 1885 people on the Camino over the year.

Men made up 56.5% and women 43.5% of all Pilgrims. 85% of people walked to Santiago while 15% arrived on a bike.

The majority of pilgrims were in full time employment and aged between 30 and 60 years ( 57%)  with under 30’s making up 28% and those aged over 60 represented almost 15%.

No doubt about it the Camino is a wonderfully diverse experience!


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