The Camino de Santiago has many varied highlights; both scenic, cultural and historic and is almost 800km length.

Each region offers its own attractions and the landscapes and towns vary considerably from one place to another.

Travel is always a subjective experience and one Pilgrim’s highlight may be the warm welcome & regional cuisine they received from a local host or perhaps the Camaderie amongst fellow Pilgrim’s –  whilst another’s highlight will be the glorious Gothic Interior of Leon Cathedral or a stay at one of the Parador hotels.

Thankfully, we all enjoy and appreciate different aspects of life but here is a list of some of the most popular highlights.


 Stages 1 -12: St. Jean de Pied Port to Burgos

Crossing the Pyrenees from St. Jean de Pied Port
Villages  & wine of Rioja, Navarra 
Food & wine
Alto del Perdon

Stages  13-20: Burgos to Leon

Burgos Cathedral
Sunflower fields
Towns of the Meseta

Stages 21-28: Leon to Sarria Stages

The Iron Cross 

Stages 29-33: Sarria to Santiago

Santiago de Compostela

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