Camino Maps & Courses

For anyone contemplating walking the Camino independently taking a course before you go is recommended as a worthwhile investment that can ensure you are adequately prepared. The cost of a course  is very little in comparison to what you will spend in total on your Camino experience and may help you avoid some unwanted problems and costs.


Camino Community in Melbourne

The Purpose of “Camino Community in Melbourne” is to provide a community of support, guidance and friendship for past and future Pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago through monthly  gatherings.

Their monthly gatherings are an informal social night over dinner in a south east suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.

The Camino Community also run four hour preparation workshops which provide you with useful information and insights to assist you in the preparation for the journey ahead.

Some of the  workshop contents are:

  • The alitutude and terrain of the Camino Francis
  • Packing list
  • Accomadation options
  • Budget / Costs
  • Phone & Internet coverage
  • When to go
  • What an average day on the Camino may look like

And much more..


Camino Downunder

Camino Map

Picture: Camino Downunder

Camino Downunder is a Sydney based business that offer educational courses, language courses and excellent maps to prepare Pilgrims for their Camino journeys.

Camino Downunder is committed to educating a wide audience about all facets of the pilgrimage routes of France and Spain: les Chemins de St-Jacques de Compostelle and los Caminos de Santiago by presenting formal classes and workshops in Australia and New Zealand in order to improve participants’ walking experiences and outcomes as pilgrims.
Camino Downunder researches, produces and markets both printed and digital resources to support 21st century independent pilgrim walkers undertaking these tracks, and is focused on increasing its original and innovative product range.

Camino Downunder’s VISION is to make significant, long lasting and positive differences to each person’s pilgrimage experiences; either by using its products and/or attending face-to-face classes, which are informed by ongoing research and good pedagogical principles.

Their all weather walking maps of the Camino can be purchased online ( click on the picture below to go to the site) and information & dates are also there for their courses on the Camino and also Intensive Spanish language courses. They also produce high quality wall maps of the route that make a great momento of your journey.


Picture: Camino Downunder


Camino calling

Melbourne based Karen Manwaring is the author of  ‘A slow walk across Spain’ and also run courses at the CAE in Melbourne which educate and prepare people for their Camino journey.

Karen Manwaring is a modern day pilgrim who seeks to help others prepare for the remarkable journey that is the Camino de Santiago.

Karen and her partner Angela have walked Northern Spain’s Camino de Santiago twice. Hard learned lessons from the first walk were put to good use the second time around.

Karen’s workshops on the Camino have been attended by over one thousand people to date, a reflection of the increasing interest in this long distance trek.’

Karen’s website is a good source of information and lists the various courses that she runs including: walking the Camino, history of the Camino and food of the Camino.