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Food and Drink

One of the beauties of the Camino, and especially the Camino Frances, is the infrastructure. It's rare that you are more than 4-6km from the nearest town and somewhere to buy food or fill up on water. There's no need to be weighed down carrying all your supplies for the day, although it is a...
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Physical Preparation

Being physically and mentally prepared for a long distance walk is an essential component of any Camino. Not only can it be the difference between not spending your walk patching yourself up physically, detracting from your purpose for walking, but it could be the difference between finisinshing it or not. The good news is that unless...
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What To Take

You could ask a hundred different people what is necessary to take and you might get 100 different answers. While there are many things that are personal preference, there are also many things that while they might not be essential, they should be.


Again, there are many differing opinions on this contentious issue. Much...
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Accommodation in Spain runs the full gamut. From dormitory style albergues all the way through to plush historical paradors. Of course your budget will be a factor in determining which style you will use, but it's possible to use a mixture to really get a taste for what is on offer. Here is a description...
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